Session 6 – Future Workforce

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Workforce of the Future: Driving a Just Transition

Fuel Change educates, engages, and empowers the next generation to deliver credible actions to tackle climate change through Foundations, Challenges, and Projects. We are committed to growing an inclusive Net Zero economy, and through our Challenge Programme, we have been proven correct in our belief that young people have the answers.

This session focuses on the ‘Workforce of the Future’ and will be facilitated by our panel of Fuel Change apprentices and climate experts. The future is uncertain and depends on what action we as decision-makers take in the coming years to make a Just Transition to Net Zero. With this in mind, we’ve asked our panel to consider what life could look like in 2030 and 2045, with and without Climate Action. The session will allow our audience of employers, apprentices, university students, and school pupils to share and discuss their opinions, fears, and ambitions for the future.

What questions will you have for them?



Andrew Wilson
Instrument & Electrical Technician, Oil & Gas Sector

I am taking part in the Fuel Change Workforce of the Future panel session because I feel it’s the best stage to inspire industry, my country and the world to be aware of the state that the planet is currently in and make the changes necessary.

I want to inspire my generation to make changes and to educate themselves on climate change with the end goal of having a Net Zero planet.

My ask is that everyone makes one change, no matter how big or small, to help the environment.

I hope the event will provide everyone with a bit more information on the topic and inspires a change in their lives for the better.

Viktoryia Parkhamovich
Aircraft Engineering Apprentice, Aviation Sector

I truly believe that coming together as a young nation we can do something for the climate crisis. The situation in the world is getting out of hand and soon it will be too late to act unless we work together and deal with it now. It is everyone’s problem and everyone is responsible for it.

Being part of the CENSIS Conference will allow me to hopefully plant the seed in people’s minds about changes that we can all make, no matter how big or small. I hope to inspire someone to follow me and then inspire others in the same way towards a better, greener future.

My ask is that everyone listening to our session takes something from it; a spark, a seed to water. I want everyone to start thinking of what we’re all doing and start acting and discussing the solutions. I want climate change and the consequences to be part of everyday chat between people where we can all connect and face the one lethal problem we have – climate change.

Ryan Matthews
Aircraft Mechanical Fitter, Aviation Sector

I am taking part in the CENSIS Pre-Cop Conference Workforce of the Future session because it gives me a platform with an audience that I have never had access to, allowing me to hopefully get through to and inspire my industry and generation.

My generation are the future and are the ones who can really make a change for the better and hopefully reach a combined goal for a healthier planet for all, not just humans.

Hopefully, this event can encourage people to look into climate change and gain a better understanding of how to make positive changes in their lives, no matter how big or small they are.

Amy Geurts
Mechanical Technician Apprentice, Oil & Gas Sector

I’m taking part in this event as I feel like our generation can make a difference. I also wanted to be a part of it to see what the future looks like for myself and the industry that I currently work in, as I have never had the opportunity to stop and think about this.

From this event I would love to gain knowledge on what the Workforce of the Future will look like so that I can make the changes in my own life that would help contribute towards the Net Zero goal along with encouraging others to do the same.

This event is in place to inspire and encourage people, and for them to fully understand the changes that need to be made. I believe it is important to approach this issue with an open mind, as anything is possible in the solutions for a Net Zero Future.

I believe that this event will inspire others to take on a challenge whether its within their own home or industry to make the changes that have to be made.

Ellis Folan
Project Management Apprentice, Naval Sector

I am taking part in the Fuel Change Workforce of the Future session as I feel like I have the opportunity to help contribute to a brighter, better and greener future for myself and people across the world.

I hope as someone young I can bring fresh views and ideas to people’s attention to help make a real difference.

My goal is to promote the real challenges the world is facing currently and the small changes we can make in our day-to-day lives to help save our future environment.

My ask is for those of all ages to become more educated on climate change, have it in school curricular and raise more awareness across all age groups.

Ryan Crozier
Engineering Technician Apprentice, Naval Sector

I am taking part in the Fuel Change Workforce of the Future Session, because I want to be a part of the drive that encourages everyone to make a difference in the world.

Being a part of the panel session will allow me to learn more about how the environment will affect our future if action is not taken, from this I will be able to take away what I have learned and apply that in my life and into others.

My ask is that everyone takes away the information they have learned and apply that into their daily life.

My hope from this event is that more people will be aware of how crucial the environment is to our futures.

Dr. Isabella Guerrini de Claire PHD
COO of Aurora Sustainability Group

Experienced Advisor and Researcher working on circular economy and climate challenges with startups, individuals, public, private and third sector corporates to rethink and redesign their economic approach with innovation through sustainability literacy.

Chief Operating Officer at Aurora Sustainability Group. Lead at the Climate Innovation Hub Scotland North and Co-Founder and Investor of the ethical marketplace community GreenGrow.Club CIC and Developer Manager at Plant-based food manufacturing ‘Green Grow Foods’.

Izzy contributed worldwide in sustainable development and land design management with the blue economy and circular economy networks on carbon off-setting programmes for twenty years, to ensure thorough business analysis and therefore have the best possible solutions for barriers, challenges and innovations.

Experience includes working with, and for Perugia and Bologna Universities, Bologna and Singapore Municipalities, Climate-KIC UK&I, (ECCI) University of Edinburgh, Glasgow School of Art, SEPA, Scottish Development International, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Zero Waste Scotland and Skills Development Scotland.

Iain Findlay
CEO Director and Chief Sustainability Trainer, Aurora Sustainability Group

About Me

I am a man with a mission and a vision… using my talents to shift society from an economic system which degrades the biosphere and all its inhabitants to one which respects, protects and restores instead. And I believe this is a fundamental part of good business in this century and brings competitive advantage for those who are willing to innovate into this space. For those unwilling to, I enjoy the challenge of convincing them. I give guidance on enhancing environmental management systems to embrace sustainability principles to transform them into strategic planning tools. Using science based sustainability frameworks such as The Natural Step and circular economy, it is possible to improve understanding between disciplines on what sustainability means in any given situation.

This drives innovation.

I am a mentor for the Climate-KIC UK at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) University of Edinburgh and Climate Innovation Hub Scotland North.

In Scotland, I have worked in the public, private, third and education sectors.

I am a guest lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art, Innovation Campus and at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

My Purpose is…

To see a Scotland where companies innovate sustainably into a future where people and the environment benefit from their operations and where my own company exemplifies what that entails.

About my business…

Aurora Sustainability designs circular economy and bio-economy approaches for environmental restoration, food security improvements and reintroducing nutrients into looped production processes.

We pride ourselves on ‘walking the talk’ and advise others through our first-hand experience on how to move from prototyping circular economy approaches into practical business scenario.

Green Grow Foods and GreenGrow.Club are Scottish circular economy design model to commercialise environmentally friendly products and services. Green Grow Foods manufactures mushroom/mycelium products with bio-based processes and technologies by recovering green bioresources considered as waste and wasted energy such as sawdust, spent grains from breweries, coffee grounds and waste heat from whisky distilleries and other industries. Green Grow is now becoming a Club, a new initiative aimed at developing positive aspects of small independent business and rural community life and ensuring, while empowering, the sustainability of each business and community.

My Ambition is…

To support the build of a profitable Scottish companies’ ecosystem that illustrates sustainability principles and provides jobs and social worth.

Amy Irons

Amy Irons is the host for the Question Time Event.

Amy is a great supporter of Fuel Change, having hosted the inaugural showcase in 2020 and continued to stay involved in supporting the Fuel Change movement.

Anna Bell
My Carbon Zero Project Manager, Fuel Change

I am taking part in the Fuel Change Workforce of the Future Panel discussion because I feel it’s important to discuss climate change in a manner that’s appropriate and relatable to people of my age. We often hear scientists, politicians and extreme activists talking about climate change, but rarely do we hear the thoughts and opinions of your everyday individual – people like me.

From this event I would like to gain a deeper understanding of what my working life of the future may look like so that I can prepare for that now. I want to know what skills and behaviours I should starting thinking about now in order to make my life post 2030 and 2045, when things will change, as positive as possible.

I ask that everyone who watches this session understands that change is a positive thing and that change within ourselves is completely possible.

My hope is that this event inspires everyone to go out and take action, big or small, in their work life and personal life.