Just a handful of tickets are left for The Herald Future of Leadership business breakfast, which takes place in association with law firm CMS on November 12.

With contributions from a panel of business experts, it promises to be an engaging morning of discussion on a range of leadership issues. The event will feature a keynote speech from Alasdair Gardner.


head of industrials and commercial banking in Scotland for Lloyds Banking Group, which will focus on his own experience of corporate leadership.

Mr Gardner will be followed by a discussion with panellists Jonathan Golby of Peak Scientific, Jack Letson of CMS, Nicola Pidgeon of EY, Graham Hutcheon of Edrington, Gillian MacLellan of CMS and Dr Lesley Sawers of GenAnalytics.

Ms MacLellan, a partner in the CMS employment team, said: “In the last few years I’ve seen a real change in attitude towards the importance of investing time in getting the culture right. What was once seen as an HR issue has moved to executive level territory because it affects all areas of an organisation?

“Quite simply, it’s the way you do business. If you get the culture

right in an organisation then it affects behaviour, commitment, attitude to risk, employee engagement, all of which drive high performance.

“I see a real change in the way organisations are taking steps to improve diversity and inclusion, empowering staff to call out inappropriate behaviour at all levels of an organisation and focusing on supporting staff with mental ill health issues.


“Yet the challenge with getting the culture ‘right’ is that it’s easy to say but can be much harder to deliver. At our breakfast briefing, we will hear from experts from a broad range of backgrounds about what is a ‘good’ workplace culture and how they have achieved this.”

The event takes place at the CMS office at 1 West Regent Street, Glasgow, on the morning of Tuesday November 12. To book one of the few remaining places visit https://newsquestscotlandevents.com/events/future-of-leadership/ or contact Nina Holmes on 0141 302 6036 or email nina.holmes@newsquest.co.uk