Why you need to Love Your Clothes

Lynn Wilson









Lynn Wilson, Textiles Manager at Zero Waste Scotland, Fashion Profile

Q1) What is your involvement with Zero Waste Scotland’s, Love Your Clothes campaign?
I’ve been involved with the campaign in Scotland since its launch on 11 February 2014. Love Your Clothes is a UK-wide campaign supported by Zero Waste Scotland which aims to get people to value their clothes and waste less. We want to reduce the impact that clothes have on the environment by calling on everyone to buy clothes that last, look after them, upcycle old items and recycle or pass on what you no longer want to keep.

Q2) What trends have you noticed in sustainable fashion for Scotland?

Scottish designers are focussing more on onshore manufacturing and having things made as close to home as possible. Designers are increasingly telling their brand provenance story and high street brands such as H&M and Marks and Spencer are increasingly responding to shoppers’ interest in the sustainability of clothing.

Q3) What advice would you give a fashion business who wanted to adopt an environmental policy?

A good place to start is looking at our Resource Efficient Scotland website. The website includes a guide and template on how to write your own environmental policy. You can also contact one of the team who can provide support. http://www.resourceefficientscotland.com/content/key-task/develop-and-share-an-environmental-policy

Q4) What would you like to see the fashion community in Scotland do to become more sustainable to encourage customers to do the same?

Scotland is developing an excellent fashion community of quality apparel and accessory designers which is increasing all the time. Many designers are already thinking about the customer experience by offering care and repair services, and I would love to see even more designers embracing this process and offering a similar service.

Q5) What top three tips would you give people on how to love their clothes more?

1. Never buy on impulse. Make an inventory of your wardrobe first and have a think about prospective purchases overnight and decide if you really need it.

2. Make sure you understand the care label on your garments before you wash them, and consider simple repairs, such as stitching hems or sewing on buttons, to help make them last longer

3. When you no longer want your clothes, don’t dump them, donate – swap with a friend, or give to a charity shop, so others can have use from them.

Q6) How did you become involved with Love Your Clothes?

I have been the Textiles Sector Manager at Zero Waste Scotland for two years. I trained as a textile designer, I love clothes and fashion and I am passionate about both environmental sustainability and the future of Scottish fashion. This is a wonderful part of my job which combines both my expertise and passion.