Who is your Scotswoman of the Year?

Today, as the Evening Times launches its search for the 2014 Scotswoman of the Year, we want to hear about them.

The winner will be announced at a glittering dinner, supported by our event partners, St Enoch Centre, on Thursday February 12, 2015.

Who deserves the prestigious title?

It could be your neighbour, your boss, your sister or your gran. It could be a compassionate carer or a scientist.

Perhaps you have been inspired by a celebrity or sportswoman and believe they should be recognised for their efforts.

Previous winners have changed laws and saved lives. They have overcome adversity and beaten injustice – and they have made the world a better place.

Our 2014 winner will be following in the footsteps of some impressive women, such as last year’s title holder, Ann Moulds who overcame a terrifying ordeal to successfully change stalking laws not just in Scotland, but all over the UK and Europe.

The Ayrshire woman waived her anonymity to speak out publicly about her experience, setting up Action Scotland Against Stalking in 2009.

Ann was forced to relocate more than 80 miles away and in doing so she lost her business, her home and left behind her friends and family, while her stalker continued to freely walk the streets where she once lived.

Her case was classed as one of the worst recorded in Scotland but at the time, stalking was prosecuted only as a misdemeanour. Ann was successful in changing the law to ensure it was made a criminal offence. Action Scotland Against Stalking quickly became a high-impact national and international campaign, gaining support from all political parties, criminal justice agencies, victim support organisations and the legal profession.

Earlier this year, because of Ann’s efforts, anti-stalking legislation was introduced in 47 European countries.

Then there were Glasgow supergrans Jean Donnachie and Noreen Real, who stopped Home Office dawn raids on asylum seekers in Scotstoun; and Dr Mary Hepburn, who has worked for more than 20 years to help disadvantaged mothers.

There are many, many more women like Ann, Jean, Noreen and Mary out there, from unsung charity heroines to business leaders; from famous faces to ordinary mothers and grandmothers doing extra-ordinary things.

Nominate your woman of 2014 by November 21.

Nominate today.