Virtual event will keep inclusion and diversity on the agenda












In the last year, we have all had to adapt in our working lives in ways that previously seemed unthinkable.

More so than ever, our workplaces and society had to be open to change and to move fast.

Everyone is now acutely aware of the challenges our economy continues to face, but we have seen great examples of resilience, innovation, and collaboration. We have also witnessed the stark reality of inequality that still exists in our society, along with a determination to make things better now and for future generations.

Diversity and Inclusion continues to matter, and it is why The Herald and GenAnalytics are committed to delivering their second virtual Diversity Conference – building on our previous success of conferences both physical and virtual.

We cannot shy away from the conversation about how inclusive and diverse our workplaces are. We know organisations want to do the right thing. They recognise diversity and inclusion is good for business, it helps to foster successful teams and enables all individuals to achieve their ambitions.

Diversity and inclusion must be a driver for economic recovery – we cannot allow this to fall by the wayside. Despite challenges, we have seen many organisations, large and small, adopting bold approaches to embrace new ways of working, to attract and retain talent from all backgrounds, and to build cultures where everyone feels welcomed.

Allan Wernham, managing director of CMS Scotland said: “CMS Scotland is delighted to be supporting The Herald and GenAnalytics Diversity Conference in May.

“Diversity and inclusion are core to how we work and who we are at CMS. We work hard to build a diverse and inclusive culture across the firm, and are very proud of the passion and energy of our multiple internal networks, especially during this challenging period. We want our people to feel free to bring their whole selves to work; it works for them and it works for us.”

“We all have a responsibility to promote diversity and inclusion, and the legal profession is no exception.

To be part of this conference is aligned with our commitment to promote our ethos to a wider audience, and encourage others to embrace diversity and inclusion across business and society.”

Richard Baker, HR director of BAE Systems Naval Ships, said: “There are countless differences and similarities that make each of us unique in our own special way. Having a diverse workforce that reflects all aspects of societies brings a wealth of experiences, perspectives and insights that are critical for a company to thrive.

“A diverse workforce that reflects the local population develops local knowledge and fosters community relationships to provide a critical competitive advantage.

“Current Covid-19 challenges have put greater emphasis on how we work, causing us to examine the future of work and what environmentwe wish to create. We need to openly discuss diversity and empower individuals to recognise their own biases to generate a truly inclusive workforce.”

Lee Corless, communities and inclusion global lead vice-president at J.P. Morgan, said:“At J.P. Morgan Chase, we place a high value on our culture of respect and inclusion. We believe companies with diverse and inclusive teams can better serve our clients, customers and employees.

“Forums like this drive home the importance of providing inclusive and diverse workplaces while enabling attendees to learn and hear from their peers and experts in the field.”

The event, which is supported by BAE Systems, CMS, Diageo and J.P. Morgan will take place on Thursday, May 20, on the online event platform hopin.

Join us by registering at to keep diversity and inclusion firmly on the agenda.