TODAY we launch the Greenock Telegraph’s Community Champion Awards – recognising the very best of everything about Inverclyde.

The aim of the awards is to recognise, reward and celebrate the people who make our communities a better place.

We know there can be lots of negative news around, and sometimes it’s our duty to report it, but we are also passionate about being positive about Inverclyde and in terms of the Tele’s Community Champion Awards, there are only good new stories.

Tele editor Brian Hossack said: “My favourite part of being a journalist is being able to spread good news.

“Nothing makes the team here happier than being the first with a story that will make a difference to local people or show our fantastic wee corner of Scotland in a good light.

“Now, with the help of our readers, we can share more stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

“We try to champion our communities where we can and these awards will prove that we have a strong community that we can all be proud of.

“Who knows what stories of courage, tenacity, generosity and the overwhelming sense of community spirit found throughout Inverclyde we’ll uncover? What I am sure of is that there will be many, I’m looking forward to the Tele bringing you the stories and honouring our community champions.”

For one night, our community champions from sport, business, charity, music, schools and everyday life will able to swap their community cause for the limelight of the stage and deservedly take the plaudits for their achievements from those they helped and benefited the most – the people of Inverclyde.

The Telegraph is at the heart of the communities we are proud and privileged to have served for almost 160 years.

These awards help us to reach out to the hearts and minds of people in our towns and villages who help to enrich the lives of others. But we need your help.

For our 2017 awards, we want to hear about your community greats that make your neighbourhood a special place.
Nominate them today by clicking here:

A summary of our award categories


For a local individual who is making an impact in local sport, either on the pitch or off it. Who is the beating heart of local sport?


This category celebrates a person or a business who have demonstrated a special entrepreneurial flair, and has turned this passion to help grow their local community.


To recognise an outstanding young person up to the age of 18 whose achievements, courage or bravery makes your heart burst with pride.

YOUNG ENTERPRISE CHAMPION – Sponsored by Arnold Clark

Recognises young people who have succeeded in starting a business as an individual or as a group creating benefits for themselves and for their communities. This award celebrates the work accomplished by a young person demonstrating good business skills.

TEACHER OF THE YEAR – Sponsored by Greenock Telegraph

Everyone remembers their favourite teacher. This award recognises teachers who are bringing learning to life by engaging and inspiring all children and young people to fulfil their potential.


We are looking for a young person up to the age of 18 who volunteers and makes a significant contribution to their local community. We know kids sometimes get a bad reputation. Tell us now about the kids whose hearts are in the right place.

HEART OF GOLD – Sponsored by Riverside Inverclyde

This award goes to someone who has made a contribution of outstanding significance to their local area. We will be recognising an adult whose actions, achievements, courage or bravery have touched the lives of others and made a difference. Someone special who truly has a heart of gold.


When it comes to charity, Inverclyde is as big-hearted as you can get.
This award is for an individual or group, who have dedicated their lives to supporting an amazing cause. A chance to recognise the incredible work they undertake tirelessly.

Rewarding a local individual 18 years and upwards who goes out of their way to help those around them.
Someone whose actions are a force for good in the community who we all benefit from, making our community a better place.

This award will go to a local singer, band or group who put their heart and soul into every performance, whose talent makes us all extremely proud.
Our finalists will have the opportunity to perform live at the awards gala.

A word from contest’s Champion sponsors

FIONA Maguire, acting chief executive officer of Riverside Inverclyde: “Riverside Inverclyde’s key focus on providing quality employment space to attract new companies and economic growth to Inverclyde is working – there are over 850 people now employed by our tenants across our property portfolio and we have a challenge to do much more.

“However, we never forget that regeneration is holistic. It is about community as well as the physical environment and economic growth.

“RI is proud to help celebrate the successes of our community, particularly the exceptional recipient of the Heart of Gold Award.”

GAVIN Morrison, general manager at Amazon’s Gourock Fulfilment Centre, said: “Amazon is proud to have been part of the Inverclyde community for more than a decade, employing more than 400 people in full time permanent roles.

“Supporting the local community is important to us and I am delighted that, for the first time, we are sponsoring the Community Champion awards.

“I look forward to nominations so we can recognise someone whose has gone out of their way to help others.”

To place a nomination them  clicking here: