A TRIO of inspirational youngsters shared the Little Champion of the Year sponsored by Platinum Paving honour at the Tele’s prestigious awards ceremony.

Eva Campbell, Farrah McLaughlin and Jessica Glover were all nominated for the accolade – and when the judges learned about of the girls’ amazing stories, they couldn’t choose between them.

Farrah McLaughlin, eight, rushed to her mum Emma Compston’s aid after she forgot to take her first insulin shot of the day.

The courageous youngster remembered the six digit passcode for Emma’s mobile and used it to phone for help.

Farrah, eight, said: “I’m really surprised I won the award.

“I didn’t think I would.

“Thank you to everyone who nominated me.”

Farrah’s mum Emma said: “I’m so proud of her.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Farrah.”

Brave youngster Jessica Glover, who lives multiple disabilities, was thrilled to take the title.

Jessica, nine, had to undergo an emergency operation back in 2017 after doctors found a life-threatening brain tumour wrapped around her brain stem.

At just five-months-old she was first diagnosed with hydrocephalus, also known as fluid in the brain, and had to have shunt inserted.

Despite being unable to walk, suffering from sensory problems, hyper sensitivity, learning disabilities and visual impairment Jessica, nine, is thriving at Craigmarloch School in Port Glasgow.

Jessica’s mum Karen said: “We’re delighted for her.

“She’s always smiling and takes everything in her stride.

“She’s always happy and just wants to hug everyone.”

Eva Campbell, a dancer with Dancemania and DM Diamondz, has qualified for Team Scotland and will compete in the world championships in Florida later this year.

The Notre Dame High pupil said she was thrilled to receive the Tele honour.

Eva, 13, said: “I’m so grateful to everyone who voted for me.

“I want to thank my coaches and everyone who has helped make me who I am today.”

The Little Champion of the Year category was sponsored by Platinum Paving.

Company representative William Peacock said: “We’re really proud to support this category again and we’re happy to continue our sponsorship.

“Congratulations to the three youngsters on their win.”