LIFE got a lot tougher for most Glaswegians when the pandemic hit – but this is a city that never quits.

Looking after each other is the cornerstone of the Glasgow Times Streets Ahead campaign, which has been bringing neighbours and friends together to improve their communities since 2011.

Our initiative, with the support of our generous partners Glasgow City Council, People Make Glasgow Greener, City Building and City Charitable Trust, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

In a typically Glaswegian way communities have been rallying together in these strange and unsettling times, finding new ways to support each other.

To nominate yourself or someone else for a Streets Ahead award, visit the dedicated awards website at Entry is free and the closing date for nominations is Wednesday, May 12.

We will be awarding eight prizes, including an overall winner, to be announced at a special virtual ceremony in June.

Bike For Good, business award finalists in 2019.

Bike For Good, business award finalists in 2019.

New for 2021 is the People Make Glasgow Greener Award.

Many people in Glasgow go above and beyond to keep streets, parks, businesses, and communities cleaner and more environmentally friendly. As COP26, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference comes to the city in November, this category has been introduced as part of the city’s People Make Glasgow Greener strategy.

We want to reward an individual who gets involved in positive action to ensure the city is greener for all. Perhaps they organise recycling drives at work or school, or are the driving force behind a community initiative, or work with neighbours to keep their own street clean – this award will go to a person who steps up or speaks out to make Glasgow greener.

The other categories include Best Clean Up Campaign, which celebrates the best clean-up initiatives taking place across the city; Best Community Garden and Best Community Initiative.
Streets Ahead

Streets Ahead

Also, the Glasgow City Council Environmental Initiative will be presented to the city’s best ‘green’ project, whether it’s a recycling scheme, a road safety initiative or something completely different. We want applicants to demonstrate what environmental benefits their projects have had for the community.

There will also be prizes for schools and businesses.

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The Glasgow City Council Green Business Award will go to a company, large or small, which has played its part in keeping Glasgow clean and green.

It could be through recycling initiatives or waste management, or by getting involved in community projects that aim to improve the local area for everyone.

Glasgow’s schools have been at the heart of our campaign since the beginning.

The Schools Award will be presented to a school – nursery, primary, secondary or assisted support for learning – which can demonstrate what contribution it has made to its local community. It could be through regular clean-ups, eco-friendly initiatives or gardening – the sky is the limit…