Search for Glasgow’s most Inspiring people

The Herald and Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce, in association with People Make Glasgow, have joined forces to host the second Inspiring City Awards, which celebrate the people and organisations that make Glasgow great.

The city has a long history of innovators, pioneers and traders who have made their mark on the world stage. These awards are designed to recognise the new generation of citizens who are making a tremendous contribution to the cultural and economic climate of the city.

Last year’s winners included former football manager Sir Alex Ferguson, business tycoon Sir Tom Hunter, Professor Seona Reid, the former head of Glasgow School Of Art, and the Barrhead Travel company.

Magnus Llewellin, editor of The Herald, said: “The Inspiring City Awards were a huge success last year and The Herald is delighted and proud to be hosting them with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce again this year.

“Anyone who attended the ceremony last year will know these awards are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate what is best about the great city of Glasgow.

“And the best thing about Glasgow is its people who – either individually or as part of an organisation – have helped breathe new life into the city. In this year, of all years, these awards are for them.”

Richard Muir, deputy chief executive of Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce, said: “In this momentous year for Glasgow, it’s fitting two of the city’s most respected institutions have joined forces with the award-winning People Make Glasgow brand to celebrate the people and organisations that contribute freely to the culture and economy of the city – to the benefit of all citizens.

“With these awards, the partnership of the Chamber and The Herald is providing a high-profile platform to reinforce this commitment, and we look forward to being overwhelmed with nominations.”

Councillor Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council and chairman of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, added: “The Inspiring City Awards are aimed at recognising those truly remarkable individuals, businesses and organisations that consistently go the extra mile to ensure Glasgow continues to flourish.

“From those inspiring action in their community to those enhancing the city’s reputation internationally, it is the people who make Glasgow, which is why the city is delighted to be continuing its support for these important awards.”

There are 12 categories, which include business, education, arts, culture and sport. This year sees the introduction of a new Legacy Award, which has been introduced to assess how the 2014 Games have helped businesses, communities and individuals create lasting change across Glasgow.

The city’s St Enoch Centre supports this new award. General manager Anne Ledgerwood said: “With so much going on in the city this year, it is more important than ever to showcase the achievements of the individuals and organisations who work hard to promote and develop Glasgow.

“It’s thanks to the efforts of those who go above and beyond that Glasgow will continue to be a player on the world stage.”

Andrew Robertson, chairman of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, which sponsors an award, added: “Our proud history is a living history and it is important to celebrate and recognise the very best this remarkable city achieves in the present day.”

View the categories and get thinking about your entries.