Scottish Politician of the Year Awards: Brian Taylor honoured

Herald columnist Brian Taylor has been awarded with The Herald 240th Anniversary Award at the Herald’s Scottish Politician of the Year Awards in association with ScottishPower.

Taylor accepted the special award at the ceremony  in Prestonfield House in Edinburgh this evening, which is being hosted by the legendary Bernard Ponsonby, former political editor of STV.

A former political editor for BBC Scotland, Taylor spent 10 years working in newspapers before beginning his over three-decade-long career with the BBC.

He joined The Herald as a columnist in February 2021 ahead of the 2021 Scottish Parliament election.

The Herald Scottish Politician of the Year Awards 2023: LIVE

Since then, Taylor has provided Herald readers with intelligent, well-informed analysis in his unmissable weekly columns, which reflect his continued status as a giant among political commentators.

Ahead of presenting Taylor with the award, BBC Scotland Political Correspondent Kirsten Campbell said: “The individual we’re honouring tonight has, in his own words, been reporting on Scottish politics since Braveheart was a boy. He’s covered every prime minister since Callaghan and every First minister since the Scottish parliament reconvened.

He was BBC Scotland’s political editor for the best part of three decades joining the corporation in 1985, with a successful newspaper career both before and after his broadcasting stint.

He has never lost the thrill of the chase when it comes to breaking news, when Henry Mcleish’s resignation was announced, he literally sprang into action, dashing across the Lawnmarket to get the first interviews, the trouble was he was attached by cable to a cameraman who was still on the other side of the road.

“He is a legend in his own galluses, objective, knowledgeable, impartial, with the exception of football and his beloved Dundee United, respected across party lines.

“He was held in high regard by his colleagues,  who valued his wisdom and his insights, and his kindness but most importantly he’s loved by the readers, by the audience, in whose living rooms he would appear nightly, though whether they all got his literary references to Voltaire and Sir Walter Scott remains to be seen.

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“And of course he is renowned for his use of social media platforms like Twitter, or as we must now call it X.”

Accepting the award, Taylor said: “Look, I have loved my entire period in journalism. I’m loving working for The Herald now. It’s absolutely superb. It’s a great newspaper, and a great team.

“And I’ve loved working with all of you, colleagues, friends, politicians, the business sector, everyone has been absolutely superb.

“Thank you very, very much indeed. And I’ve forgotten my sign-off, but I’ll use it now, toodleoo the noo.”