Scotswoman of the Year: Women of Glasgow’s Equal Pay dispute win Editor’s Award

THE 2018 Evening Times Editor’s Award was presented to the women of Glasgow who finally won their hard-fought 12-year equal pay battle.

Last October, thousands of women employed in homecare, schools and nurseries, cleaning and catering services across the city took part in what was believed to be the biggest-ever equal pay strike in the UK.

Glasgow City Council and the equal pay claimant group, represented by Action4Equality Scotland, and the Unison, GMB and Unite unions, finally reached an agreement in principle to a package of payments to resolve the historic claims.


It had been a long and bitter dispute, fought through tribunals and courts, and its eventual resolution was testament to the tenacity and bravery of the campaigners and to the hard work done by both sides.

The Scotswoman of the Year audience cheered loudly as the award was announced.


Evening Times Editor Donald Martin said: “This year, it was apparent that a remarkable achievement, with far-reaching consequences for women everywhere, deserved recognition.

“After more than a decade of dispute, Glasgow’s women finally won their equal pay fight.

“This historic victory was always going to be recognised here at SWOTY, and always as a team award.

“We wanted to recognise the many voices who spoke up, the women on both sides who spent years working to resolve this.

“In presenting this Editor’s Award, we felt it would have been very unfair to single out one woman, when so many had worked so hard for this victory.”


The award was accepted by Lord Provost Eva Bolander on behalf of all of the women involved.

The Lord Provost said: “It is humbling for me, and a real honour, to accept this award on behalf of Glasgow’s women.

“This win was a mutual win for both the campaigners and the City Council when we came to an agreement after such a long fight.

“Glasgow women are strong, the salt of the earth.

“They so deserve this award and it is an honour for me to be here tonight.”