The faces of all 57 winners, plus last year’s first ever Young SWOTY Maria Lyle, grace the wall of the mall which has been our event partner for more than a decade.

It’s one of general manager Anne Ledgerwood’s favourite spots.

“All of these women are inspirational,” she says, as preparations to announce the 2019 winner of the prestigious title gather pace. “They have faced different challenges and achieved many different things, but they are all remarkable.”

“That one will always have a special place in my heart,” smiles Anne. “They were incredible – so gutsy and down to earth.”

At the 2014 pre-event party for finalists, Anne recalls the eventual winner , anti-stalking campaigner Ann Moulds, turning up with a group of her closest friends.

“I loved the fact she was there with this strong support network of women, who had been with her since the beginning and who were so happy for her,” says Anne.

Glasgow Times:

“At the event itself, when Ann took her place on the stage to accept the trophy, she was so overwhelmed she faltered a little – and it was the shouts of encouragement from those same women which helped her to rally, and deliver one of the best SWOTY speeches I have ever heard.”

Talking of great speeches, Anne says she will always remember the moment last year’s winner, MND campaigner Lucy Lintott, started to speak.

“Her words stilled the whole room, it was very emotional,” she recalls. “We hung on her every word as she delivered this incredible, inspirational, very funny speech. I doubt anyone in the room that night will forget it.”

Glasgow Times:

“Everyone I’ve spoken to over the years leaves SWOTY feeling amazed, inspired and uplifted,” says Anne. “This year will be no exception.”

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This year’s glittering gala dinner, held in association with St Enoch Centre and supported by Grand Central Hotel, Scottish Passenger Agents Association, Mackay & Inglis and Jones Whyte LLP, will take place on March 26.

The six contenders are Elaine Wyllie, Corinne Hutton, Zakia Moulaoui;Vicki McArthur; Pauline Moriarty and Sarah Martins Da Silva.

The Young SWOTY contenders are Mari-Ann Ganson and Ellora James, Corrie Shepherd, Razannah Hussain, Holly Gillibrand and Molly Cuddihy.