SCOTLAND’S CONTRIBUTION TO COP26: a joined-up Just Transition


A collaboration of over 20 organisations from across Scotland has teamed up with The Herald on 26 October 2021 for a special, one-day, online conference on Scotland’s transition to net zero – Scotland’s contribution to COP26: a joined-up Just Transition

The event will not only examine the speed and scale at which Scotland must move to tackle climate change, but also ensure that no-one is left behind in the process.

As Scotland gets ready to welcome world leaders to Glasgow for the COP26 Summit, the conference spotlights Scotland’s efforts in tackling climate change to achieve net zero carbon emissions. These efforts also have benefits and opportunities to create a wealthier, healthier, and more equal society.

This free, one-day conference will look at important just transition themes such as skills, circular economy, empowering young people, improving health outcomes and delivering sustainable economic growth to the Scottish economy.