Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, said: “This is the most significant year in the city’s history – it’s the Year of Glasgow – and our ambition is to capitalise on the success of 2014, creating a lasting legacy through regeneration, job creation and supporting business growth. The PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW Award will deservedly recognise that special individual or business who has gone above and beyond to support Glasgow’s thriving economy and cultural climate.”

Amanda McMillan, managing director of Glasgow Airport, said: “We are delighted to once again support the Inspiring City Awards and to sponsor the Sport Award category. This is a huge year for Glasgow and the eyes of the world will fall on the city when we play host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It will be the largest multi-sporting event Scotland will have ever hosted and for many, Glasgow Airport will be the gateway to the Games.  “The Games will hopefully inspire people, regardless of age and ability, to get involved in sport and I would encourage anyone who has helped foster the development of sport in Glasgow to enter.” 

June Walker, Chief Executive of Glasgow Credit Union, said: ‘2014 marks 25 years in business for Glasgow Credit Union so sponsoring the Industry and Business category, which celebrates other great Glasgow businesses that help our city flourish, makes perfect sense.  There are so many inspiring stories behind Glasgow’s businesses – the reasons they were created, the people that drive them forward, the impact they have on their community.  It’s these stories, which speak about success in terms of more than just profit, that we want to hear from entrants’.

Stephen Flynn, Vice Chairman of Glasgow Taxis Ltd, said: “Education is one of the most important gifts that we can provide for our society. It not only helps individuals build a bank of knowledge and skills but also contributes invaluably to a person’s self confidence and development.  “We firmly believe that tribute should be paid to those individuals and institutions that continually seek to strengthen and develop educational opportunities across the city. That being said, we are delighted to be supporting the Inspiring City Education Award and are looking forward to learning about the admirable efforts of such bodies.  “The winning entrant will be an individual or an institution that has displayed exceptional commitment to helping Glaswegian people flourish through effective, innovative and pioneering learning methods.”

Andrew Robertson, Chairman, NHSGGC, said “We need people who have the ambition for tomorrow that will surpass the ambitions of our business leaders of yesteryear.   In the business of healthcare we know only too well the importance of the development of forward thinking leaders who bring both vision and innovation to the NHS.  That’s why we are delighted to be able to sponsor the Outstand Contribution by a Young Business Leader category in 2014 – an apt year to recognise someone for their commitment to Glasgow and inspiration to others through their contribution with exceptional commitment, motivation, effort and vision.”

Kevin Roxburgh, Managing Director, Scottish Gas, said ‘Caring for our environment and making best use of our resources is at the heart of our business, that is why we are proud to sponsor this award and celebrate best business practice in Glasgow.’

Anne Ledgerwood, general manager of St. Enoch Centre, said: “The 2014 Commonwealth Games has provided an unprecedented opportunity for Glasgow businesses, communities and individuals to create lasting change across the city.  “St. Enoch Centre is supporting the legacy category in order to celebrate those who have risen to the challenge and are making a positive difference to Glasgow and its communities.  “Entrants could include businesses that have won contracts and created new jobs and organisations that have secured facilities or services that will advance and enrich our communities. We also want to hear about those individuals whose contributions have had a positive impact that will last long after 2014.  “I’d encourage as many individuals, organisations and businesses to enter this year’s Inspiring City Awards and be part of an important event in a historic year for our great city.”

Elizabeth Partyka, STV Glasgow, said: “Glasgow is a city rich in art and culture and this year we have an even greater opportunity to share our contributions with the world.  STV Glasgow aims to reflect all aspects of life within Scotland’s largest city, including showcasing the vibrant art and cultural scene found here, which is why we are supporting this category. The Art and Culture award will recognise the hard work and innovation of entrants to ensure Glasgow remains a pioneer for art and culture both here and on a global stage.”

Professor John Wilson, Executive Dean of Glasgow School for Business and Society at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), said: “We are proud to sponsor the Inspiring City Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award. In line with the University motto For The Common Good, the promotion of corporate social responsibility, combined with responsible business management, underpins teaching, learning and research activities at Glasgow School for Business and Society to inform and inspire our graduates, the business leaders of the future.”