From Yoker and Yorkhill to Lambhill and Springburn and everywhere in between, our call for local heroes has been answered by you.

After much deliberation, the finalists for eight top awards have been chosen.

Ahead of the celebration on October 3, we take a look at who is in the running for a Community Champion Award from Glasgow’s north west.

All of the heat winners will go forward to the glittering grand final in the City Chambers in November.


Cook n Care, Possilpark

Volunteers for Cook n Care have been serving up nutritious and delicious meals for vulnerable, elderly and disabled people in their own homes for nearly 20 years.

Homemade meals cooked from scratch every day are delivered hot and ready by a devoted team who are supported by the social enterprise.

Braveheart Industries

Housed in an trailer moored in Mansfield Park, the Street and Arrow food truck by Braveheart Industries is serving up food with a difference.

The social enterprise, set up by the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, works with former prisoners, aged between 18 and 29, to develop their interests in cooking, hospitality and customers with the aim of getting them into work.

As well as offering participants a second chance, it also offers the local community high end food at a massive reduced cost.

Drumchapel Foodbank

Supporting over 4,000 people in one year, the Drumchapel Foodbank is a lifeline for a people struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Established in 2014, the project not only provides food supplies but offers benefits and debt advice and a support system to clients.

A network of local volunteers and supporters has enabled the group to offer fresh produce and a hot lunch drop in centre.

Drumchapel Foodbank is also nominated for the Health and Wellbeing Award.

The Resident Task Force (QCHA Scrutiny Panel)

A group of Queens Cross Housing Association residents have joined together to ensure that their neighbours, in four different neighbourhoods, have the best standard of living.

The Resident Task Force attend meetings and tenant inspections to ensure a positive living environment for those in Dundasvale, Queens Cross, Woodside and Hamiltonhill/Westercommon and have been integral to a number of improvements in the neighbourhoods.

The group liaise directly with both the housing association and act as a friendly face to residents.

Scottish Waterway Trust – Love Your Canal

Residents in the North West of Glasgow are being encouraged to care for its historic environment and special biodiversity through the work of the Scottish Waterway Trust.

The project seeks to help the community to engage with their local canal by taking care of it through a range of tasks.

In just seven months in 2016, volunteers contributed to over 1,400 hours on the 225-year-old waterway.


Paul McKenzie

Paul McKenzie has 40-years of volunteering under his belt. Not only has he devoted his time to charities including the Meningitis Association and Erskine Hospital, he can often be found teaching pupils of all ages how to dance.

He is an asset to each charity he devotes his time to and has benefitted hundreds of children across the city through his tireless hard work and generosity.

Hazel Rolston

Through her hard work and commitment, Hazel Rolston has made a lasting difference to the Anderston community.

Over the last six years, she has brought together the area’s young people to encourage them to engage with the community through their attendance at a community cafe and given a new lease of life to forgotten local spaces.

Ronier Deumeni

Ronier Deumeni dedicates much of his time to helping vulnerable minority groups have the best possible opportunities in life.

His work with the African Challenge Scotland in the North of Glasgow, has seen him provide continuous backing for local events for the African community including sports clubs, a jobs fair and a cultural music event.

Thanks to his work, African groups in the area now feel safer and more comfortable in their local environment and are able to look forward to a better future.

Liz Atkinson

Foodbanks wouldn’t be able to do the great work they do without a team of dedicated volunteers behind them.

Liz Atkinson works tirelessly for the Drumchapel foodbank, ensuring it is funded and that its clients are treated with respect and dignity.


Antonine Court Ltd

Originally set up in 1981 by a group of local disabled people who felt they wanted somewhere to meet, Antonine Court has turned into an integral hub for the services users and their families.

Antonine provides care and comfort to around 25 service users daily, and makes a lasting impact on their lives.

GHA Environmental Operatives at Castlebay in Milton

Lenny Byrne, James Cameron, David Stevenson and Gerry McMillan, GHA Environmental Operative team at Castlebay Drive multi storey flats go above and beyond to help their tenants.

Their kindness was highlighted following the death of long term resident Alice Sharp to whom they provided unconditional help and support.

After Alice passed away, they continued to support her family by arranging all GHA forms, cleaning the flat and organising her belongings, with the permission of her family.

Mari Dorin

Since recruiting Mari as an anti-social behaviour officer in Cube Housing in Maryhill, the problem has almost disappeared.

Mari works with outside agencies including police and environmental health to ensure that any anti-social problems are resolved as quick as possible and the community can live in a more peaceful environment.

NHS Centre for Integrative Care Nursing Team

Members of the CIC nursing team have been working for over 20 years to provide innovative holistic and integrative health care to patients, many of whom are suffering from multiple conditions.

Their hard work and dedication significantly improves the symptoms and quality of life of their patients.

Their impact was made clear during the campaign to save the impatient unit which saw patients old and new speak out about the life changing help they received at the hands of the nurses.

The NHS Centre for Integrative Care Nursing Team is also nominated for the Uniform Services Award.


Christopher Bell

PC Christopher Bell has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a local beat cop in Drumchapel.

In his capacity as Campus police officer, he greets the pupils every morning, runs fitness classes, accompanies school trips and is on hand to offer and advice and support to those who may need it.

After witnessing the deprivation some of the pupils and local residents face, he started the Drumchapel Clothes Bank which sees him gather clothes, including school uniforms, from the local community and and wider business networks to give to those in need.

Christopher has given up his own time to wash, dry and iron the donations at home before enlisting the help of local school kids to help distribute them.

Not only does PC Bell keep the community safe, he has made a lasting difference to lives of the people of Drumchapel.

PC Colette Farren

PC Colette Farren has made a lasting impact on the Knightswood community where she works as campus officer.

Since being assigned to the post, she opted to take a pro-active approach to the litter problem in the area.

She enlisted the help of local school pupils and takes them out on weekly litter-picks which has impacted the local environment and allowed the students to become more engaged and conscientious members of the community.

Through the great example being set by the older pupils thanks to PC Farren, the impact of her initiative is likely to carry on for generations.


Marie Graham

Going into hospital can be a daunting experience but thanks to the work of people like Marie Graham, it is made a little bit easier.

Marie has volunteered for the Gartnavel Meet and Greet Service for over 17 years, providing a welcoming face for those coming into the hospital.

Her warm and welcoming approach helps reassure patients and visitors, many with physical difficulties.

Pat and Rae McArthy

Husband and wife Pat and Rae started their very own club, Primrose Friends, after finding themselves spending too much time alone.

The club now has 28 members and meets twice a week to socialise and relieve isolation among elderly residents.

Many neighbours have created lasting friendships and have been given a new lease of life through attending the club, all thanks to the hard work of Pat and Rae.

Marion Moore

Elderly residents in the Knightswood area have been helped to overcome isolation and depression through the help of the Knightswood Community Association.

Marion Moore has run the club for five years and, in that time, she has benefitted dozens of senior citizens.

Marion devotes her own time to organising activities for the group including bingo and games and has vowed to keep going until she is unable too.

Alec Watt

Alec Watt has dedicated nearly 30 years of his life to helping to Springburn residents with special needs and behavioural difficulties.

Having started out as a social worker, Alec understood the need of young people in the area and started up a sports club to keep them off the streets.

Through his fundraising and coaching, hundreds of young people have been able to compete abroad, in events such as the Special Olympics which in turn has kept them happy, healthy and out of trouble.


Knightswood Secondary School

Nearly 600 pupils from Knightswood secondary school have taken part in a local community clear up.

Every Monday, groups of students, accompanied by their campus officer PC Farren, take to the streets to pick up litter and ensure the local area is clean and safe for themselves and the whole community.

The pupils have showed enthusiasm and commitment to the scheme since it was launched in August 2014 and have set an important example for younger generations.

Anderston Youth Cafe/ Anderston Action Group

Anderston Youth Cafe was initially set up give young people from the area a safe meeting place but has gone on to achieve so much more.

Since opening its doors in 2009, it has given kids a place to socialise, enjoy activities and share any concerns or worries they have with an adult.

It has also helped them engage with the local community and bring about positive change, whether that be making much-needed donations to the Salvation Army or fundraising for a dementia unit to purchase a gazebo for its residents.

Abercorn Secondary School

Abercorn Secondary School, which caters for young people with special needs, strives to make sure each pupil becomes an active part of the local community.

Its pupils volunteer in charity shops, donate to foodbanks and work with local children in nurseries.

Their Sports Leader class sees them coaching younger children in the area of sports while through the Volunteering Award, they visit local care homes to spend time with the elderly residents.

Pupils take on their volunteering challenges without complaint and bring invaluable help to others.


Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries North West Team

The North West Macmillan drop-in team have helped more than 3,000 people since opening in 2012.

The team provides a listening ear at the time when people need it most, offering emotional support and help six days-a-week.

North Glasgow Community Food Initiative

Launched in 2001 to give back to the members of the community living in low-income households including asylum seekers, the North Glasgow Community Food initiative offers affordable fruit and veg, cooking courses and community meals.

Through three community gardens, social events and activities, hundreds of residents feel the benefit of the charity across the North including Springburn, Royston, Possilpark and Milton.


Drumchapel Utd 2006 (black) development squad

In the two years it has been running, the Drumchapel United 2006 Development Squad has been going from strength to strength.

Coaches James and Lee give up their own time to ensure the team is running the best it can whether that involves looking for sponsors, paying weekly fees so the kids don’t miss out or picking up and dropping of boys who don’t have transport.

The team is a testament to the good that can come from just a few individuals working together to make a real change in people’s lives.

Glasgow Eagles Sports Club

Glasgow Eagles Sports Club supports young people who have special needs, mental health conditions and disabilities but have sporting talent that can’t be catered for in mainstream clubs.

Since its beginning in 1988, hundreds of members have been able to achieve things they never thought possible, including taking part in the Special Olympics, combated social isolation and, in some cases, gained employment.

The impact the club has and continues to make will be felt on the Springburn community for generations to come.

Stuart Kerr

Stuart Kerr has dedicated much of his life to ensuring that all young people can be included in sport.

Through his role as PE teacher within Abercorn Secondary School and as head coach for athletics for Special Olympics Glasgow West, he works tirelessly to secure funding for the pupils to access local athletics clubs.

Many of his students have gone on to achieve incredible success in the Special Olympics, a feat which would not have been possible without him.

Those involved have developed a huge range of skills, not just in sport but in confidence at school and in the wider world.