Local community sings praises of Milesmark grandmother

COULD Evelyn Cook be the kindest person in West Fife?!

The local community has done nothing but sing the praises of the Milesmark grandmother who goes out of her way to help neighbours or anyone she might just bump into on the street!

Evelyn, 63, a home carer, has been nominated for the Press Community Champion Awards 2018 which takes place on June 8 in the Glen Pavillion.

She was put forward for the ‘Heart of Gold’ award by her daughter-in-law Amanda Cook.

Amanda said: “Evelyn is the hardest-working, kindest and helpful wee woman in Fife.

“Over the years, she has helped so many people both in her job as a home carer and in her spare time.

“She goes out of her way to help other people each and every day.

“Everyone that knows Evelyn will tell you that she is an amazing lady. One in a million. When living in Wellwood and now Milesmark she has been the centre of great community spirit inspiring others along the way.”

Evelyn runs the bingo at Wellwood club for free in her own time and also ran the game at Gillie Court care home for many years.

Among her many tasks for others, she always volunteers at community events such as the kids’ disco at Halloween and Christmas, picks up prescriptions for her neighbours, dog-sits, takes elderly neighbours shopping, collects their messages, and makes sure elderly residents are looked after.

A surprised Evelyn was shocked when the Press told her she had been nominated. She said: “I knew nothing about this! But it’s lovely to know that people think about you in that way.

“It’s all things I enjoy doing, particularly with the bingo because I don’t think there’s much for older people here.

“It really is a lovely surprise to be nominated.”

Mother of three children, Amy Symon, is Evelyn’s next-door neighbour. She said: “I’ve lived next to Evelyn for a year and a half and she helps me with my children all the time.

“If I’m unwell she’ll take them to school, take me to the doctors or go to the shops. She doesn’t stop!

“She doesn’t just do it for me either. I saw her just this morning with a lady whose mobile scooter had broken.

“She had put her in the car, so they could take it to get fixed, but it started working again! She is amazing.”

Margaret Davidson, a former neighbour of Evelyn’s in Wellwood, said: “She done a lot for me. Whether it be decorating, painting fences or helping with the gardening.

“She was a really good neighbour and will help anyone.

“It’s absolutely great that she’s been nominated for this award because she really does have a heart of gold.”

To nominate someone for the Dunfermline Press Community Champion Awards 2018, visit www.newsquestscotlandevents.com/events/dunfermline-press-community-champions/