The Herald, in partnership with GenAnalytics, is proud to announce the launch of Diversity Dialogues – ground breaking events that aim to ensure that the major gains made in the realm of diversity are not squandered.

Later this month the first in a series of events will take place in Edinburgh that will accelerate the conversation on how to make society a more equal place for everyone. After promoting positive change through its annual conferences, The Herald & GenAnalytics are expanding their reach in 2024 with the launch of Diversity Dialogues, which are designed to be accessible forums for high level discussion that will lead to real change.

Following on from last year’s conference when the aim was to ‘break through the noise’, remove lip-service and tackle the most difficult issues surrounding diversity, equality and inclusion, the new events will focus on ensuring that progress already made does not stall and that positive achievements are not lost over time.

Diversity Dialogues will take place in Aberdeen and Glasgow, but the first in Edinburgh, on Thursday, March 28, which is being held in association with Crown Estate Scotland, will examine how organisations can serve their customers and communities through a dedicated approach to opening doors and levelling the playing field, looking beyond day-to-day initiatives in order to firmly embed diversity, inclusion and equality into every aspect of activity.

Crown Estate Scotland is already showing leadership in this space through its new corporate strategy and delegates will hear how the organisation that manages land and property for the benefit of the people of Scotland is implementing meaningful change.

Other discussions will centre around how boards and leadership teams can develop full accountability for diversity and inclusion, setting realistic goals and creating visibility to customers and the wider society.

Esther Black, Director of Corporate Operations, Crown Estate Scotland believes that the Diversity Dialogues will be a valuable source of new ideas and best-practice for leaders who want to strengthen both their organisations and their industries with the broadest possible spectrum of insight and expertise.

“Scotland’s future is full of opportunity and to fully grasp it, we need to hear the voices and harness the talents of the widest range of people we can,” she says.

“As the Crown Estate Scotland team develops our corporate plan for the period 2025 to 2030, it’s important to us that we factor in all the viewpoints we can so that our strategic approach will reflect the priorities of the people of Scotland in the broadest possible way. The opportunity offered by the Diversity Dialogues to hear from a diverse line-up of speakers, and learn how to better reach different groups throughout Scotland, is very valuable to us.”

Other supporters of the Diversity Dialogues include Arnold Clark and Lynne McBurney, Group Head of People with one of the UK’s largest car retailers, says: “We understand that it is our differences that make us stronger and we recognise the importance of creating an inclusive and nurturing work environment that welcomes all. That’s why we’re delighted to support this year’s ‘Diversity Dialogues’ series and help to shine a light on those organisations who are making great progress in their field.

“Communication is vital when it comes to creating an inclusive culture, and, by sharing ideas and encouraging conversation, we can make meaningful and lasting change.

There is support too from sportscotland, whose Chief Executive Officer, Forbes Dunlop, says:

“Our strategy as the national agency for sport is clear that inclusion must underpin everything we do. We are committed to continued progress in this area and welcome the opportunity to join cross-sector discussions on how to drive change at The Herald & GenAnalytics Diversity Dialogues Series.”
The event is open to everyone who wishes to cultivate inclusion from the very heart of their business, as well as those who identify with marginalised groups, who are keen to share their lived experiences and identify what they want to see more of from companies and organisations throughout Scotland.

Amongst the speakers will be Douglas Morrisson from BE-ST (Built Environment – Smarter Transition) and Steve Dunlop, Chairman of Crosswind Developments, Edinburgh’s newest residential district. Delegates will take away working practices to move forward and embed diversity in the strategic thinking of their businesses and pooled knowledge and experience from a diverse array of participants, as well as having an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who are equally committed to fostering diversity, equality and inclusion in their own sectors.

The Edinburgh Diversity Dialogue, which will take place from 9.30am until 12.30pm at Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary Street will be a mix of keynote and fireside discussion with a panel of speakers, as well as time to workshop. The event themes and full details of the event, along with tickets, are available from