Larkfield man Scott Carey, 27, has been nominated in our Health and Care Awards. The staff nurse in ward G South at IRH, who qualified with distinction from the BSc adult nursing degree course at the University of the West of Scotland, said he was thrown in at the deep end and learned a great deal. Scott said: “The scariest part was the transition from student to newly-qualified nurse out on the ward in such challenging times. “It was a totally different level of responsibility. “The team in G South were so supportive with all the new members of staff. “The experience gained wasn’t anything like what it would have been in a normal situation.” Six months before he qualified, as a thirdyear student nurse, Scott got the chance to take on a paid placement in the Larkfield Unit – just as the coronavirus pandemic had started. Scott said: “Patients couldn’t have visitors and it was so difficult for them.

“It’s so much better for rehabilitation if family members can visit. “Recovery is so much faster when relatives are around. “Staff worked so hard to make sure things were as normal as possible for patients – we had iPads and Facetime and people still had contact with their families.” Scott got involved in nursing after working in care environments and being inspired by the work of healthcare professionals. He admits he is still amazed by how much knowledge his colleagues have and the decisions they have to make. He added: “I’ve worked as a nursery teacher, working at the Fitzgerald Centre, and I was an NHS 24 call handler for six years. “I loved working alongside the nurses and was so inspired by their knowledge and experience, and how they dealt with patients who were really ill. “The best thing about the job is learning and growing in confidence as a healthcare professional.

“I love getting that day-to-day real life experience of life in a hospital and learning about everything that’s involved day-to-day.” Frontline worker Scott has been nominated alongside friend Sheree McLean by their mutual pal Chantelle Cairns. The trio met on the BSc adult nursing degree course at University of the West of Scotland. Chantelle became pregnant while studying and struggled with sickness – and Sheree and Scott continued to support their friend in her time of need. Scott says he and Sheree supported Chantelle by keeping in touch when she was off, and providing her with advice and support. He’s thrilled to be nominated and says it’s a big surprise. Scott added: “I really didn’t expect it at all so I’d like to say a big thank you to Chantelle. “I’m really surprised but very happy and proud to be nominated.” Entries for our Health and Care Awards close later today. Visit https://newsquestscotlandevents.com/ events/healthandcare to put forward your last minute nominations