A just transition to a net zero economy is going to take mass collaboration – but Scotland is leading the way, according to experts.

Speaking on the Herald webinar, Dr Poonam Malik, Paul Winstanley and Dr Ali Dunn agreed that gathering nearly 30 organisations to commit to similar goals was evidence that Scotland was serious about making the change.

“It’s not about new money, it’s about being more efficient with the resources we already have,” Paul said.

The chief executive of CENSIS has been instrumental in organising the online conference: Scotland’s contribution to COP26: a joined-up just transition.


Taking place on 26 October 2021, it will not only examine the speed and scale at which Scotland must move to tackle climate change, but also ensure that no-one is left behind in the process.

The conference is delivered by CENSIS in partnership with over 20 organisations from across Scotland.

As Scotland gets ready to welcome world leaders to Glasgow for the COP26 Summit, this event will spotlight Scotland’s efforts in tackling climate change to achieve net zero carbon emissions. These efforts also have benefits and opportunities to create a wealthier, healthier, and more equal society.

This free event will look at important just transition themes such as skills, circular economy, empowering young people, improving health outcomes and delivering sustainable economic growth to the Scottish economy.

“We need to collectively tackle this huge situation, it is an opportunity for us to be able to change for the better. The citizens on the front line can get together and deliver this change,” said Dr Poonam Malik, head of investments at the University of Strathclyde.

Dr Ali Dunn, executive director of Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance added that the university sector is very strong and accustomed to sharing best practice across organisations.

“We’re really set up well in Scotland, we have leading universities and diverse industry and that communication is so important,” she said.

“We are fantastic at collaboration in Scotland but we also need to look internationally.”

Speaking ahead of the conference the panel discussed the importance of building the trust between partners and their stakeholders.

“We need to create some significant beachhead projects to act as beacons which can show how this can be delivered. We’re trying to enable innovation and create best practice,” Paul said.

“It’s a case of showcasing what we can do at scale.” Poonam added.

You can register for free to attend this event on Tuesday 26th October at https://newsquestscotlandevents.com/events/cop26-just-transition/

To view the webinar please visit – https://youtu.be/wQWdrf-hjCs