Audrey Flannagan, manager of Glasgow SE Foodbank – 

“Coming along to an event like this is fantastic for us – not only does it help to raise awareness of what we do, it’s a reminder of all the great work that is being done across the city, most of it unpaid, most of it by people who do it for the love of it.”

Selina Hales, Lord Provost’s Award winner – 

“Being at community events like this is fantastic – you get a chance to see where the magic happens. No-one in this room is doing it for recognition, but when the community you live in gets what you are trying to do and supports you, that’s when it’s amazing.”

Kerr James McCluskey, singer, 11 – 

“It’s really cool to be here, because this is so important. I feel proud to be part of it.”

Morag Lau, of North Glasgow Community Food Initiative – 

“Being here is great because it’s recognition not just for the work we do, but for all the work our partners do – it’s a great night for everyone, whether you win or not.”

Bethany Donaghy, Young award finalist – 

“If I’m any kind of inspiration to young people, I’m delighted. I was shocked even to be nominated, so getting to the grand final has been amazing.”

Shamim Akhtar, mother of Young Award finalist Habiba Amin – 

“I’m so proud of my daughter – she wanted to give something back and even though it was a struggle at times, she has done so well. She just loves making people happy.”

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council – 

“I am so proud that Glasgow City Council is so closely associated with these awards. Your commitment, your energy, your passion and your civic pride represent the very best of Glasgow.”

PC Jacqueline Campbell, Uniformed Services finalist – 

“Coming along to the Glasgow Community Champions awards makes you feel good about the city – it’s very humbling to hear about all the good work going on across Glasgow, by some fantastic people.”

Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty – 

“It’s fantastic to be here – it makes me proud to serve in the city I grew up in, proud to represent Police Scotland and proud to be a Glaswegian.”

Jim Hymas, Local Senior Officer, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service – 

“I am blown away by the work everyone in this room does in their communities. It is inspirational and the best bit is that they are all so humble and modest, they really don’t see it as a big deal. Well, let me tell you – it is. It’s a massive deal and they should all be proud of themselves.”

Bernadette Hewitt, chairperson Glasgow Housing Association – 

“In the years GHA has been involved with this great partnership, we have seen so many ordinary people getting the credit they deserve for doing extraordinary things for their communities. It is a magnificent event and I feel honoured to be here.”

Bailie Russel Robertson, chairperson GCPP – 

“On behalf of the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of the community activists, the supporters and the volunteers who do so much for so many.”

Luke McGraw, 11, of Our Lady of the Annunciation Football Club – 

“We love our club because it has lots of different things for different ages groups and it’s the best.”

Marilyn Cunningham, Individual Award winner – 

“Like most of the people in this room, I want to get Glasgow back to the way it used to be, when people looked out for each other and got together to make things happen. Everybody helps everybody, and that’s the way it should be. Who in here is doing it to win awards? No-one – but it’s great to know your community appreciates you.”

Lord Provost Councillor Eva Bolander – 

“I am proud to represent this great city and the special people Glaswegians are. It is lovely to welcome you to the City Chambers, which has been the civic heart of the city for more than 100 years and tonight is an opportunity to celebrate the city’s pride in its civic-minded citizens – you are all champions tonight.”

Michelle McManus, host and singer – 

“It’s fabulous we can all come together and celebrate what’s great about Glasgow, its communities and its people.”