Five-year-old who saved mum’s life is in running for award

A BRAVE wee Gourock girl who saved her mum’s life when she slipped into a potentially fatal diabetic coma is in the running for a Tele community champion award.

Farrah McLaughlin, five, rushed to her mum Emma Compston’s aid on a traumatic January morning after she forgot to take her first insulin shot of the day.

The quick-thinking youngster remembered the six digit passcode for Emma’s mobile and used it to phone for help.

Emma has no doubt that her daughter’s calm approach saved her life – and she believes that an award would help her understand the magnitude of what she did.

“Winning an award would be great for her as if she hasn’t quite realised what’s she’s done, the award will help her understand it.

“I never thought that she would be able to do it.

“She’s been praised so much for it.”

Farrah first called her dad who told her to call Emma’s sister Lucy who then phoned for an ambulance.

Emma came round after the paramedics administered glucagon medicine.

The mum-of-two admits that she does still worry about her sugar levels but says that Farrah and her wee sister Daisie, two, are proving to be a dynamic duo in helping her to manage her condition.

She said: “I’m keeping fine but I do get anxious now.

“I tend to let my sugars run high. I would rather that it’s high than it dips away down again. I do still get worried about it.

“Farrah is really good at reminding me of things and Daisie is starting to click onto it now too.

“She knows that her mum has low sugar and sometimes comes up to me with a bottle of Lucozade.

“I’m so thankful to Farrah. She’s so helpful to me in so many different ways.”

You still have time to nominate someone for our Community Champion Awards. The deadline for entries is Wednesday March 25 and you can nominate across the following categories:

Community Champion of the Year; Youth Community Champion; Senior Community Champion; Teacher of the Year; Live Music Award; Heart of Gold; Charity Champion of the Year; Business Champion of the Year; Little Champion of the Year