THE impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on how we live and work will be the focus of a special event being hosted by The Herald next month.

The AI Business Breakfast, which takes place at the Everyman Glasgow on September 17, will also explore the benefits of the latest technology.

Held in association with Cathcart Associates, Incremental Group and the University of Strathclyde, it will feature a keynote speech from Adam Sroka, data and AI director at Incremental Group. And there will be a panel discussion with contributions from Steven Grier of Microsoft, Elizabeth Hollinger of Aggreko, Craig Paterson of The Data Lab, professor Crawford Revie of the University of Strathclyde, Deyrick Smith of Clydesdale Bank, and Sam Rhynas at Stochastics Solutions.

Liam Wilson, business development manager at Cathcart Associates, said: “This is an amazing event for organisations, people who work in data right now and business leaders to come along to as you’ll get some real insight into practical applications of AI in the real world, rather than the usual futuristic, scare mongering type stuff we read online every day.”

Mr Sroka said: “The Herald’s AI Business Breakfast looks set to be a really insightful event for business leaders, across all industries.

“It is a chance for organisations to come together to discuss the possibilities AI offers and the impact it is already having. I’m delighted to be speaking alongside some of the field’s most knowledgeable experts in Scotland.”

Mr Revie, a professor of data analytics, said: “Recent advances made in AI through the advent of deep neural networks have caused a step-change in our ability to tackle problems that were previously intractable. However, as with any new technology, this is no silver bullet.”

Tickets for the AI Business Breakfast are priced £25+VAT and can be purchased at For further information contact Kirsty Loughlin on 0141 302 6016 or at