Exciting new conference concept introduced in association with The Scottish Government

The Herald and GenAnalytics EngAGE Conference -The Festival of Ageing in association with The Scottish Government, to be held on the 23 May 2019 at Glasgow Caledonian University, will look to explore how we can turn the challenge of an ageing population and workforce into an opportunity to make Scotland the most “Age Friendly” nation in Europe.

Scotland’s population has grown over the last year to 5.4m people, like many other developed nations we are also ageing. Over the last decade there has been a 23% increase in the 65–74 age group, a 16% increase in the 75 and above age group, and a 10% increase in the 45–64 age group. In contrast, there have been small decreases in all of the younger age groups.

Leading commentators have identified the “100 Year Life” children born today can expect. Developing this theme our programme will include a focus on the health and wellbeing of ageing, identifying what we need to do increase physical activity levels, across age groups, as well as highlighting the benefits of creativity and community based cultural programmes in reducing social isolation and loneliness. Best practice programmes of inter-generational mentoring will highlight the power of people in sharing knowledge and experience across the generations. Exploring how we create a society where 100-year life spans become the norm.

We will also examine international innovation experience from Japan, where they are harnessing the power of technology and artificial intelligence to support older people in their homes and communities. Utilising innovation to address care worker shortages and supplement elder care giving from families and communities.

With five generations now working in many organisations, our focus on the changing nature of Scotland’s workplaces will also highlight what employers need to do to ensure they adapt and respond to recruit, support and retain an age diverse workforce. We will also examine what more needs to be done to reward and recognise the contribution of care workers and how we can attract more people into elder care as well as supporting those individuals and families in the informal care community.

Driven by the growth of the silver pound, the consumer spending power of different generations will also be revealed, showing the scale of the untapped economic opportunity for existing and new consumer products and services demanded and needed by an ageing population. The “longevity economy” is one of the fastest growing global economic opportunities and our Conference will identify how Scotland can best take advantage of this emerging global opportunity.

Recognising the inequalities in our society and across many communities, the Conference will also focus on the challenges of housing, health, disability, ethnicity and poverty that many within Scotland’s older generations face. A discussion underpinned by the issue of affordability, debating how within Scotland we ensure we make the social investments necessary to meet the age challenge and support an ageing population with dignity and respect.

Scotland’s EngAGE Conference will also be supported by an open access, free public exhibition featuring displays, demonstrations and advice provided by some of the UK’s leading health and wellbeing academics and specialists from Glasgow Caledonian University. There will also be a range of cultural performances from Scotland wide community groups, demonstrating the benefit of “social prescriptions” in action.

The event is in association with The Scottish Government and is supported by Glasgow Caledonian University and NTT DATA.

To find out more or to engage your organisation in the ageing agenda, please join us on the 23 May 2019. Conference tickets can be purchased at:


Or contact Kirsty Loughlin on 0141 302 6016.