COP26: A Catalyst for Change

in association with CMS

This virtual event took place on Thursday, September 16. It discussed how Scotland can seize the opportunities of COP26 as a springboard for change and ensure it has a meaningful and enduring legacy. The event highlighted some of the incredible work already happening across Scotland and address how we can continue, and build upon, this in the years to come.

The Herald “A Catalyst for Change” virtual event, in association with CMS, shone a spotlight on how government, policymakers, business and activists are tackling the challenges and opportunities facing Scotland’s climate response.

Discussing Scotland’s sustainable future

Keynote Speaker

Patrick Harvie MSP
Co-leader of The Scottish Green Party

Panel Members

Karen Betts
CEO, Scotch Whisky Association

Anthony Burns
Chief Operating Officer, ACS Clothing

Lindsay McQuade
Chief Executive Officer, ScottishPower Renewables

Willie Watt
Chair, Scottish National Investment Bank

Online Event


The Herald COP26: A Catalyst for Change in association with CMS took place on Thursday, September 16 from 9am until 11am via Hop-in. Hop-In is an online event platform chosen to ensure you get the most out of this event.


Rachel McTavish

Running Order

9.00am – Arrival and networking
9.15am – Welcome & event begins
9.20am – Keynote followed by Q&A
9.45am – Panel discussion followed by Q&A
10.30am – Closing remarks
10.35am – Optional networking
11.00am – Platform formally closes


For any questions regarding the virtual event please visit the FAQs section below.


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Who can register for the event?
This event is open to everyone who has an interest in Scotland’s sustainable future.

Is there a deadline to register for the event?
Registering for the event can be done up until the day prior. However, we would encourage you to register in advance to keep up to date on the event.

How do I access The Herald COP26: A Catalyst for Change in association with CMS?
To access the breakfast online you need to register here.

If you have attended any other virtual events (not just Newsquest) on the Hop-in platform, you will already have an account. When you click the register today button, and are through to the registration page, at the top of the right-hand side, click “Log in to access the event” and enter the details you previously used.

What is Hop-In?
Hop-In is an online event platform chosen to ensure you get the most out of your virtual event experience. There you will find our main keynote speaker, panel discussion, live Q&A’s and the opportunity to network via 1:1 video calls and direct messaging to other attendees.

Where can I see the running order?
You can view the event running order on the online event section of this website above.

Will I be able to join the event at a different time from when it starts at 9.00am?
The event has a set start and end time. You will be able to join the event at any time however you may miss some of the speakers if you do. All content will be available on demand after the event.

Where can I connect with other delegates attending the online event?
You can connect with other delegates via the hop-in platforms networking area or through direct messaging.

Do I need a webcam to connect with other attendees?
In the virtual networking space, you will be able to connect with speakers, partners, and other delegates via video chat. There is also the option to network simply via the chat boxes available and by sharing your contact details. A webcam is only needed if you want to participate in the Networking Area. It is not essential to participate during the main event.

Do I need any software to connect with other attendees?
Hop-In is accessed via your web browser so you do not need any other software to connect with other attendees. We would recommend an up to date browser such as Chrome or Safari to access the platform.

How do I set up my profile?
During the registration and sign up process you will be asked to create your account.

How do I change my profile picture?
As you create your profile you will be asked to upload a picture, this can be changed later if required.

How do I connect LinkedIn to my profile?
When creating your profile, you will have the ability to add links to your social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

I had to leave mid-way through the event, will the it be recorded?
The event will be recorded and available for on demand playback.

Where can I find updates on the event?
You can find updates via this dedicated event website and via

Will there be any support available should I have any questions about using the platform at the event?
During the event we will have someone on hand in a breakout session for any questions regarding the platform. We cannot support delegate hardware or software issues not related directly with the platform.

What do I do if I have more questions?
We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have regarding the online event or registration. Please contact Linsey Hunter, Events Manager on 0141 302 6019 or with any enquires.

Contact Us

This event has now taken place. For more information on similar events, please contact Linsey Hunter, Events Manager by emailing

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