“Scotland is blessed with passionate and creative people – what are we doing to get the most out of them? People are our solution”

“Disruptive innovation is required though we need a just transition. The current Covid crisis is a universal shock to the global system but also represents a major opportunity to transform”

“Kate Raworth’s doughnut model is genius – combining the key environmental and social challenges in a single view and thinking about the safe, equitable, environmentally sustainable world we need to work toward (with urgency)”

“All new technologies are risky but essential if we are to achieve our goals. Some inevitably will fail but many shall succeed”

“COP26 is an enabler. Let’s ensure we bring society along with business and the public sector. We can do this through building the capacity to collaborate and including social enterprise in our supply chain”

“Remember, status is a deep driver in human behaviour. How do we get the sustainable city, with low-embodied and operational carbon, to be as ‘high-status’ as the high-rise, glass and steel structures rising in places such as Dubai?”