Could you clean up at Streets Ahead Awards

The Evening Times and Clean Glasgow are hosting the fourth annual awards night in honour of the men, women and children who have transformed our city over the past 12 months.

Our community campaign has been making a difference in every corner of Glasgow since it launched in 2011.

Now, it is time to reward the inspiring individuals, brilliant businesses and creative communities determined to change this city for the better.

Last year’s winners included the overall champions, Urban Roots, the inspirational band of volunteers making a difference in communities across the south side with a range of projects from teaching children how to reduce their carbon footprint to running gardening workshops for vulnerable adults.

This year, we want to hear about other wonderful work being carried out under the Streets Ahead banner, whether it’s lunchtime litter-picks, community gardens, road safety, flower-planting projects or something completely different….

Send us your stories and your photographs, and as much information as possible about your project, in time for the closing date of May 7.

To nominate yourself or someone else, visit the dedicated awards website

You can also email or call 0141 302 7407.

We will be awarding eight prizes, including an overall winner to be announced at a special ceremony on Thursday, June 11.
There will be trophies for the best garden, best clean-up campaign, best environmental initiative, best community garden, best community initiative and best business initiative, plus a schools award.

The best garden prize will be presented to the best residential garden. We are looking for gardens which are attractive and well-kept, which improve the appearance of the local area.

Perhaps you know of someone who always keeps his or her garden looking beautiful, or who is on hand to provide support and advice to friends and neighbours?

The clean up campaign category celebrates the best clean-up initiatives taking place across the city.

We want to hear from people who have come together to tidy up their local area, whether it’s a street, gardens, allotments or even a park.

We will be looking for campaigns to demonstrate what has been achieved for the whole community.

The Clean Glasgow Best Environmental Initiative Award will be presented to city’s best ‘green’ project, whether it’s a recycling scheme, a road safety initiative or something completely different.

We want applicants to demonstrate what environmental benefits their project has for the community.

For the best community garden category, we will be looking for gardens which are used by the whole community.

We want to hear about how they were set up, who benefits and why they deserve to win.

Across Glasgow, communities are banding together to improve their local areas for the benefit of everyone who lives and works there.

The winner of the best community initiative category will be an exceptional example of a project which encourages people to work together, which has gone the extra mile to make a real difference to people’s lives.

The Green Glasgow Business Award will be presented to the company, large or small, which has played its part in keeping Glasgow clean and green.

It could be through recycling initiatives or waste management, or by getting involved in community projects that aim to improve the local area for everyone.

The schools award will be presented to a nursery, primary, second or assisted support for learning school which can demonstrate what contribution it has made to its local community.

It could be through regular clean-ups, eco-friendly initiatives or gardening – the sky is the limit!

The overall winner will be chosen from the winners of all the other categories.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, chairperson of the Clean Glasgow campaign and Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “I know the people of Glasgow are very proud of their city and campaigns like Streets Ahead and Clean Glasgow have helped re-ignite a great sense of community spirit. The success and impact has been tremendous and I am delighted that people are acting on their plans and taking an active role in their community.”

Evening Times editor Tony Carlin said: “Once again, the people of Glasgow have supported our Streets Ahead campaign with enthusiasm.

“Over the past year, we have supported excellent projects across the city – now it is time to reward them at our annual celebration.”

He added: “I am looking forward to seeing all the nominations for each category and to welcoming the finalists to the awards night on June 11.”

Streets Ahead is also supported by our partners, City Charitable Trust, Glasgow Housing Association, ScotRail and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

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